Vini piemontesi e monferrini

Our specialties of the local cuisine requires the right fine wines and our Monferrato county is home of many D.O.C. wines.

Among local produced wines there are the Barbera del Monferrato, Barbera d'Asti, Grignolino D'Asti, Grignolino del Monferrato, Cantavenna, Malvasia di Casorzo, Gabiano, all D.O.C. wines.
And, moreover, Bonarda, Freisa, Moscato and Barbesino.

Informations and tips about wine

Our Wines

In our restaurant we serve the fine wines of the Monferrato piedmontese area.
This is because we want to promote the local products of our Monferrato, which are at the same high quality level of the products of the other italian regions.

The Barbera wine

In first place there is of course the Barbera wine, which is locally produced in various varieties: the Barbera del Monferrato, is a wine with a beautiful bright red color and has a fruity aroma, characteristics that makes it particularly suitable to accompany our typical Monferrato entrees such beef tongue with green sauce, veal in tuna sauce, bell peppers with Bagna Cauda sauce, tartare of Fassone meat beef, etc..

This wine is equipped with good acidity fosters and left a sense of cleanliness in the mouth that helps to savor the next course. This is an important effect which emphatize the taste of our various appetizers.

Asti Barbera

The Asti Barbera is a wine with slightly different characteristics than the aforementioned Barbera: the first thing you notice is the color that tends to slightly red with shades of brick-red, and this means a lower acid content, which makes it less bitter on the palate, then you notice a taste with more spicy aroma, a quality which makes it well suited to accompany our main courses, such as the local produced Agnolotti stuffed with meat, potato soft Dumplings or rice dishes such the local traditional Panissa, which is a Barbera aromatized rice with beans and salami paste.

The Asti Barbera or Monferrato Superiore is a wine that represents the perfect expression of the Barbera of our area. To make this wine, winemakers uses the best matches of grapes and in the cellar, after the normal cycle of winemaking, they submit it to an aging process in oak barrels, resulting in a brick-red coloured wine wit reflections of bright red which demonstrates their complete maturation giving it a spicy scent with notes of wood and berries. This is also due to the result of the composition of the soil surface of the vineyard, containing tuff.

This wine is usually served with meat second courses such as roasts, braised or boiled veal, our national game or with our specialty, the Fritto Misto alla Monferrina.

Barbera Chinata and Rubino Chinato

The Barbera Chinata and the Rubino Chinato are two flavoured wines to be served with desserts. The first is based on the Barbera del Monferrato wine but tastes more fresh and and deep. The second is based on Cantavenna wine, which is a thicker Barbera produced with Barbera grapes grown on soils with less clay texture.

Malvasia di Casorzo

Malvasia di Casorzo is a special and unique wine, produced by the vineyards of our hills. It is always a dessert wine, and has a very fruity and pleasant flavour.

Moscato Wine

The Moscato is a wine which taste and flavour vary at changing of the type of soil of the vineyard where the grapes are cultived. Our soils, which have a good presence of clay, give to this wine a flavour of flowers, a characteristic that makes the Moscato a very pleasant aromatic and fruity wine.

Grignolino del Monferrato

The Grignolino di Casale Monferrato and Freisa wines are less known, but they are part of the history of our vineyards, so we would like to give them a special place in our restaurant, recommend them to accompany all of our dishes, from starters to second courses, thanks to their versatility.
The Grignolino wine has an orange color, which tends to darken aging. Its flavour recalls violets with hints of wood.
The Freisa has a color that turns to a darker shade, and its flavour reminds of freshly cut grass and flowers, it also has a taste of tannins, with a slightly lively note.

White wines

The dry white wines of our Monferrato are the Cortese and the Chardonnay.

The Cortese is a still straw-colored wine with a flavour of wildflower honey and a fresh taste of green apple, pleasant in the summer paired with light appetizers or first courses.
The Chardonnay is a sparkling wine with a light yellow color and a clear transparency. The flavour recalls the white-fleshed fruit, while taste has a hint of not too ripe peach. This lively wine can accompany first or second courses.

Despite its not being among the historical cultivations of our territory, the skill of our producers has brought this wine to excellent levels of quality.

Vino Barbera

Barbera del Monferrato is a bright red coloured wine and has a fruity aroma, characteristics that make it particularly suitable to accompany our typical local starters.

Vino Malvasia

Malvasia di Casorzo is a wine produced on our Monferrato hills. It is a dessert wine with a very fruity and pleasant flavour.

Vino Grignolino

The Grignolino wine has an orange color, which tends to darken during age. Its flavour recalls violets with hints of wood.

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